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I’ve always been in love with books and the adventures they hold.

When I was young, I could never put a book down, avoiding schoolwork to read, sometimes reading during maths lessons, and once I even tried to smuggle as many books as my bookbag could hold from my school’s library. 

I was enthralled and fascinated by the intricate worlds that others have created, having admired

their skill and talent as I  grew up, hoping that one day I would also be able to share my own worlds and open the door to my imagination too. 


And thus, I began to write.

I began with fiction, writing stories for already known and well-loved characters, but now I am finally ready to introduce my own through original adventures and novels that I hope you will enjoy as much as I have with writing them.

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The Niviend Chronicles is an ongoing fantasy series that focuses on the journey of Anther, a young near-magikless Earthshaker who bears a curse that traps him in the body of a dragon, and Thæon, next in line to lead the five clans of Medellin, as the pair of them navigate a perilous world of powerful mages, selfish kings, slumbering gods and a mysterious child who is not who she seems…

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Eyes of Dragon Fire

Book 1 of The Nivíend Chronicles

Anther was no one special; his control over his Earthshaker magic was weak at best, as was expected of his poor commoner status where he lived a simple life in a nameless village.

That was, until the curse.

Anther’s memories of the incident are hazy at best, nightmarish at worst. But perhaps the most terrifying, was when he awoke in a body that was not his own.


Now Anther is a dragon; monstrous, fierce and mute; forced to flee his home for fear of being hunted. His only salvation might just be Thæon, a powerful Fireheart of the northern warrior clans that stumbled across him.

But, unable to speak, how is Anther able to tell Thæon he is not the last living dragon, but a simple farm boy trapped by a curse...?

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Hearts of Dragon Stone

Book 2 of The Nivíend Chronicles

It was the end of the Seventh Era when the White War stood witness to the massacre of the dragons; the faithful clans of Medellin unable to defend the children of the gods from the armies of Ered Naur.

For nine thousand years, dragons have been said to be extinct, until Thæon, a powerful Fireheart and Tæ'adanaï; the next in line to lead the clans of Medellin, all but happens to stumble upon the last living dragon within Ered Naur’s territory.


Now he must protect the dragon, whom he has affectionately named Obí, from those that would hunt him; seeking to bring him back to his homeland where he will be safe.

But there is something keeping Obí in the southern valley and Thæon is determined to find out what…

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Souls of Dragon Light

Book 3 of The Niviend Chronicles

Having unravelled the mystery of Anther’s curse, he, Thæon and their friends head north to Medellin, where he and Líala will be safe from those that would exploit their ancient magic. The clans are warm and welcoming, and Anther can see himself building a new life in the northern kingdom. But as of late, his dreams have held warnings of danger, and a voice on the wind keeps whispering him to return.

But return where?


Something, or someone, is calling Anther to leave the clanlands. Does the warned threat reside within Medellin’s borders? Or does the danger threaten Medellin and the clans that Anther has come to see as family?

All he knows is that he must find out, and with Thæon by his side, the pair of them leave the north in search of answers.

And yet what they find just might shake the balance of the nine kingdoms of Nivíend...

Coming Soon
Niviend - Final[560].jpg


With Eyes of Dragon Fire now out for pre-order, I have moved focus to work on the final edits of Hearts of Dragon Stone, the second book in the series. 

My next focus will be writing Souls of Dragon Light, which is currently in it's first draft and is scheduled to be uploaded once the prequel books are completely online and on their way to printing!

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Another way to support me, and the writing of these adventures is to become a patron on Patreon. All funds received through my Patreon go solely to the costs of writing, printing and publishing of my works.


As a thank you for becoming a Patreon, there are rewards, which range from something simple as an excerpt from an upcoming chapter, maybe a "what if?" written scenario to sketches and character designs that wouldn't be seen otherwise to the earliest access to new books. 

Currently, an excerpt of the first chapter of Eyes of Dragon Fire is accessible to all, so maybe come check it out!


Any donation, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated.   

Niviend - Final[560].jpg
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