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Book 1 of The Nivíend Chronicles


Anther was no one special; his control over his Earthshaker magic was weak at best, as was expected of his poor commoner status where he lived a simple life in a nameless village. That was, until the curse.

Anther’s memories of the incident are hazy at best, nightmarish at worst. But perhaps the most terrifying, was when he awoke in a body that was not his own.

Now Anther is a dragon; monstrous, fierce and mute; forced to flee his home for fear of being hunted. His only salvation might just be Thæon, a powerful Fireheart of the northern warrior clans that stumbled across him.

But, unable to speak, how is Anther able to tell Thæon he is not the last living dragon, but a simple farm boy trapped by a curse...?

Eyes of Dragon Fire

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